Is A Prepaid iPhone Available Soon?

Apple is very careful about their marketing strategy especially, when it comes to their popular smartphone, the iPhone. This year they have not announced a newer version of iPhone at the usual time. That may be because of better preparation. But now the reason has got more sauce added, it might be the preparation for two iPhones!

Many analysts are now suggesting that Apple is planning to release two iPhones at the later part of this year. Two iPhones are not just two models. Rather, they will be two iPhones for two different markets. One will be a cutting edge smartphone for the future with amazing new features, and the other one will have a different aim, the aim to catch the collapsing market share of Nokia and RIM in the mid-range smartphone market. To be more aggressive, this version of iPhone, which may be called iPhone 4S, will be a prepaid iPhone which will cost around $350. A prepaid iPhone with that price tag? That’s what the market is waiting for!

In the last few months, there have been two types of rumors about new iPhone smartphones. One is about a cheaper iPhone 4 with some minor improvements, and another is a high end iPhone which may be called iPhone 5. So this third rumor may be an aggregate of the both rumors – or perhaps even none of them are rumors at all! And a prepaid iPhone really makes sense! So its time for a real news from the officials so we know what is really coming.