More rumors are pouring in about the possibility of an Apple TV.

The new rumors originate from the Cult of Mac. They’re saying that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, visited Valve yesterday.  Valve runs the gaming network Steam. As Alex Heath at Cult of Mac puts it, “Steam is to gaming as iTunes is to music.”

The thinking is that Apple and Valve may be cooking up a gaming platform for use with the Apple TV. Something along the lines of, for instance, a Kinect-like video game console.

This would tend to strengthen rumors we heard earlier this year suggesting the Apple TV will have motion control. Rumors also suggest the TV will have a Siri-like verbal interface, and include the ability for the iPhone and iPad to be used as remote controls.

We’ve also heard reports that the Apple TV will be called an iPanel, which might be a way for Apple to differentiate the new device from regular TVs by suggesting it’s something more.

Every rumor we have heard so far points to the new device being introduced by the end of this year. That seems like a pretty quick release for a major new product line that incorporates a lot of new tech, some of which, according to rumors, is still in the exploration stages. We’ll keep a close eye on this and see how it pans out.