Is Box Right for You?

A decade ago, companies near and far would often have a shared server, or a shared drive, or if you weren’t that lucky, you had to use email or flash drives for sharing files large and small.

Today, in 2014, there are much better and much more secure options for your data.

First, let’s have a look at Box.

The system is organized just like a computer file system on any personal computer. There are folders and sub folders and it works just like a typical file structure should work. But that is where the beauty lies with this product.

Within these folders, there are access level settings like read or edit which gives you the ability to share files and family vacation photos with the right family members.

Also, there is a history tracker (versioning) so everyone will know which version is the latest and who made the last edits.

From a user standpoint, one of the best features is the ability to sync any folder you want directly to your desktop; thus allowing yourself constant access to the latest files on your own computer wherever you are.

Finally, with Box you can assign tasks like approving travel plans, household chores, or summer homework for your kids.

And I mentioned, there are no longer versioning issues with Box. When you’re logged into Box and you want to make edits to a document, you can lock the file while you’re working on it so no one else can make changes until you are done. This is the fail-safe from creating two different documents with small edits on each.

Box is just one of the many tools on the market to backup your documents and for them to be accessible wherever you are in the world.

Consumer Expert Richard Dedor

After running for public office at the age of 18, Richard now spends his time focused on digital marketing and financial planning.