Is Facebook Getting Stale? Tumblr May Be Next Big Thing

Is Facebook Getting Stale? Tumblr May Be Next Big Thing

Though Facebook continues to reign supreme as the king of social media with over 1.35 billion active users, it appears to have reached a saturation point in user growth.

The new active-user growth leader in social media appears to be the micro blogging app Tumblr. In the last six months Tumblr’s user base has grown by 120%, in stark contract to Facebook’s paltry 2%.

Facebook also lags in overall member growth with only 6%. The image sharing app Pinterest leads in this category with 57% growth.

In mobile apps specifically, while Facebook is still the most widely used app, the image sharing app Snapchat logged the largest app growth of 56%.

Facebook was able to push its Messenger App to the second place spot, but that may be a direct result of their recent massive push to move users to it. The effect should fade once most have migrated over.

Overall Facebook’s growth in active users, member base, and app usage lagged behind all platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and even Google+.

As a public company, Facebook is now under increased pressure to show growth and innovation. With its recent announcement that it would launch a professional network, the company is attempting to show it’s tackling new opportunities.

Regardless of a perceived trend, Facebook remains the elephant in the room. With new statistics showing that a full 3 billion people are now online,  Facebook commands a full one-third of the entire global internet population.

Facebook also continues to be the top dog when evaluating the frequency of daily visits among top social media platforms. Scrolling through a Facebook news feed remains a common daily activity for many people.

Though it doesn’t appear to be in any immediate danger, it would be wise for those in Facebook’s executive office to remember the old adage: The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

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