Security Fence Between Israel, West Bank

Four Israeli settlers were killed Tuesday night in the West Bank when their car was fired upon. One of those killed was a pregnant woman. It has been more than two years since there was such a deadly attack on Israelis in this area. 

On their website, the military wing of the Islamic group Hamas took credit for the assault. They have labeled the job as heroic.

Officials from Israel speculate that the attacks are in response to proposed peace talks that are to begin in Washington on Thursday. Hamas has been completely opposed to the talks.

The Israeli prime minister and his team were already on the way to the talks at the time of the assault and Palestinian leaders had already arrived in Washington.

The prime minister ordered security forces in Israel to go after the attackers without restraint.

All four victims, two men and two women, hailed from Beit Hagai, south of Hebron. The attack transpired at the Bani Naim junction.

A spokesman for the Palestinian Authority has stated that their position is against killing civilians.

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