Photo from Israeli soldier's Facebook Page


You can find anyone on Facebook. This apparently includes photos of Palestinian prisoners who have been bound and blindfolded. Criticism was heavy against a former Israeli soldier who chose to post photos of herself on Facebook. She was in full uniform and smiling in front of these prisoners. 

There are two photographs that have been released all over the media. In one there is a single man, blindfolded and slumping against a barrier. His face is down and hers is upwards facing him. A second shows her smiling at the camera in front of three prisoners. 

This is an unsubtle reminder of the tension between Israeli soldiers and the Palestinians under their control. And it’s not the first time Israeli soldiers have come under fire for using Facebook and YouTube inappropriately. 

According to Palestinian Authority spokesman Ghassan Khatib, this is just one demonstration of the effect of the occupation on the soldiers. He says it shows that it corrupts them. 

But the Israeli military have also criticized Eden Aberjil, the young soldier who posted the photos.  Capt. Barak Raz referred to the photos as disgraceful and a violation of morals and ethical code. He says that if she were an active soldier, she would be court martialed. 

The photos were considered bad enough by themselves, but the comments below them, including remarks about whether or not the prisoner had a facebook page so she could tag him in the photos, could be even more inflammatory. 

It is not known if the Israeli soldier can be punished, since she has completed her duty with the military.