After an amazingly hot summer, blazing hot, by many accounts, folks in Florida were not quite expecting the cold, cold hand of old man winter to hit so hard.  But, alas, Jade Baliki, a native of Talahassee, Florida tells Sure-Start that she, “has never felt a winter quite like this one!  This has gotta go into the record books.”

Well, Jade might be right.  This past autumn, weathermen and weatherwomen predicted extraordinarily dry and warm winter weather for Florida because of a very strong La Nina Effect.

Last month, however, was the coldest December ever  recorded in Tallahassee history.  And it was not just a half degree colder than before.  It was almost ten degrees colder than the normal average.  Many are saying that there is something more to these strong swings in the weather.

Some lay-people point to just random fluctuation in weather patterns.  Other, potentially more paranoid people point to changes in the earth’s magnetic moment (the alignment of north and south).  Still others are blaming global warming (which might be more rightly termed global cooling, in the case of Tallahassee.)

Arctic Oscillation is another culprit.  A conveyor belt of super-cold air is making it’s way down the eastern seaboard tonight and will certainly contribute to more record-breaking lows.

Stay warm….Spring is just one and a half months away.