Apple’s long rumored iWatch is hotly tipped to be announced this autumn, while Google put a pre-release version of Glass on sale for one day last month.

Hype surrounds both products, but it remains to be seen if shoppers are quite ready for the so called “wearable revolution”.

Both Glass and the iWatch have some big hurdles to overcome before they’ll be able to achieve widespread adoption.

Arguably the biggest issue both tech giants face is social acceptance.

Glass sits on the users face in the line of eye contact, and is immediately obvious to everyone. There are already widespread privacy concerns due to its inbuilt camera, with at least one test user being physically assaulted as a result.

In the case of the Apple iWatch, the product risks being squeezed out of the market by pre-existing devices.

Consumers already carry their smartphones everywhere, and Apple must convince them that they need another device that replicates much of the same functionality.

Apple’s legendary design and marketing department will have to go all out to make it a desirable accessory.

The final hurdle that both companies face is how users interact the products.

Glass is heavily dependent on voice commands, and with screen estate being at a premium it is likely iWatch will follow suit.

Many people feel uncomfortable talking to their devices in public – when was the last time you had a chat with Siri in a crowded place?

Google and Apple are clearly confident, but to be successful they will have to achieve a social rather than technological breakthrough.

What is your opinion on wearable devices? Would you be comfortable using Glass or an iWatch in public?

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