According to the tech news site Re/code, Apple is hoping to introduce their highly-anticipated iWatch at a special event this October.

The iWatch will be the beginning of an all-new product line for Apple, joining Mac, iPod, iPad and iPhone. Consequently, sources suggest that Apple’s October event will be dedicated exclusively to the official announcement of the new device.

While leaked images and early device renderings of upcoming Apple products tend to circulate as long as six or so months prior to their announcements, very little is known about the details of the iWatch. With regards to physical design, some reports indicate that the device will feature a curved OLED touchscreen.

The official announcement of iOS 8 this month introduced a new Health app, which keeps track of users’ sleep cycles, calories burned, heart rate, and other such information. The iWatch is expected to incorporate these tools directly via a series of special sensors built into the device.

In addition to the iWatch, Apple is believed to be working on larger iPhones, updated iPads, a new Apple TV, and an “ultra-thin” 12-inch MacBook Air. Many of these products are rumored to receive introductions this Fall, but a more specific timeframe has yet to be confirmed.