The official Stars Wars channel on was updated today with a message from Star Wars Episode 7 Director J.J. Abrams.

The video features the film’s director standing next to an X-Wing Starfighter in a desert environment.  In the video Abrams talks about Star Wars: Force For Change.

Star Wars: Force For Change is a fundraiser that benefits UNICEF Innovation Labs. Anyone that donates $10 or more will have an opportunity to win very special Star Wars prizes., the official website for the fundraiser explains, ” You and one lucky friend will be flown out to London, where you’ll go behind-the-scenes on the closed set of Star Wars: Episode VII as our VIP guests. You’ll watch the filming and meet the newest members of the cast, but that’s not all. You’ll also be in the movie! You will be transformed by our makeup and costume teams into a Star Wars character to be filmed for an actual scene in Episode VII.”

In the video, J.J. Abrams also explains that one lucky donor and 20 of their friends will receive an advanced screening of the film in their home town.

According to, the money raised will go towards development of learning kits in Uganda, China, and Burundi  and emergency and medical communications systems in the Sudan and the Philippines.

The video’s primary purpose is to promote the charity program however, fans do get a glimpse at an X-Wing Starfighter. The Starfighter was later confirmed to appear in the film via the Star Wars official twitter account.

There are four days left to donate to the charity and enter for your chance to win.

Share with us your thoughts and expectations for the new Star Wars film currently in production.