The homicide that is making headlines due to seemingly-daily revelations that seem to be stranger and stranger by the day has taken another turn.

The murdered former aide to three United States Presidents and a man who was a champion of Vietnam War Vets rights was videotaped by security cameras just 14 hours before his body was discovered in a Delaware landfill.  The videotape (see below for embedded video) shows John “Jack” Wheeler in a building in Wilmington, Delaware at just about 8:30 PM on December 30, 2010.

In the video, Wheeler is clearly limping and seemingly acting distraught and possibly confused.  There is much speculation in recent days about potential nefarious domestic dealings to which Wheeler may have been a part of.  At 10 AM on December 31, a worker at the landfill in Wilmington saw Wheeler’s body pour out of a garbage truck.  It was quickly determined that the only pickups that the truck made that morning were from the ten scheduled commercial dumpsters in Newark.  All of these businesses were within 15 miles of where this video was acquired.

Authorities, while stating that Wheeler’s death was a homicide, have not said much else.  However, they did officially release the fact that indeed it was John Wheeler’s body that was found at the landfill.