Jaguar stunned the enthusiast market in 2012 when it released the F-Type.

It had power, beauty, poise and what was perhaps the most seductive noise ever made in the automotive world.

But not all was well.

A sports car needs two things – rear wheel drive, which the Jag had, and a manual transmission, which it did not.

For the bulk of humanity the lack of a manual gear lever was unimportant. They are content to put the lever in “D” and happily cruise around the neighbourhood impressing onlookers.

But what seemed like a minor detail for most was nothing short of tragic to a true enthusiast.

It would appear that Jaguar has heard these rumblings.

For 2016 the new F-Type will indeed, finally have a manual gearbox. Jaguar is also hoping to entice those looking for an all-weather sports car and has included AWD as well.

Now I should mention that the 6-speed manual will only be available with the V6 rear wheel drive models, but remember this is the exact setup that brought fame to the E-Type.

With the addition of the manual, and AWD, the F-Type can be had in 14 flavours.

The manual models use a supercharged V6 that belts out either 340 or 380 hp.

The full bore lunacy found in the R models is courtesy of a 550 hp supercharged V8. This titan can unleash a transcendent turn of speed, making the run to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds and reaching a top speed of 186 mph.

To really revel in the full auditory symphony and experience all the pops and burbles you have to pick a convertible, which is now an option with any drivetrain.

The AWD system, although adding some bulk, will also provide a truly all-weather driving machine, not unlike the Porsche 911. This makes using the F-Type on your commute a distinct possibility.

The way this AWD system functions in rear drive only until the system decides you need a bit more grip and will distribute the power evenly among the 4 wheels if required.

By listening to our pleas and adding a manual, the F-Type is now the toy it always should have been, and the AWD option means we can play with it regardless of what nature throws at us.