Jailbreak For iPad 2 Is Available Now!

An iPad 2 jailbreak is now available to publically on the web, though it is an early release. Till now every iOS device has been jailbroken except the iPad 2. Just after the release of iPad 2, there was a video released on YouTube showing an iPad running Cydia, though there was no farther news. But a version of it is leaked now, though it is not available for all the iOS versions of iPad 2.

The coders behind the jailbreaker report that the method is working on the iOS 4.3.0 version only. All the other updated version users are out of luck for now. But it is only a leaked version, and they say it will be perfected by the time it is officially released.

This leaked, unfinished, version of iPad 2 jailbreak  is expected to be one of the easiest ways to jailbreak any iOS device. It is almost easy as installing an app from the store. Users will download a pdf document in their devices. After trying to open the file, the device has to be restarted.

This version of jailbreaking, JailbreakMe 3.0 is developed by Comex, who is a member of iPhone Dev Team. Most of the iOS jailbreaks are done by this team.