Japanese tourism took a dive after last month’s earthquake and tsunami devastated wide swaths of the country and initiated an ongoing nuclear crises.

According to the Japan Tourism Agency, more than a half a million people have cancelled hotel reservations since the March 11 disaster.

But, while there is some concern about power issues, Tokyo’s Disneyland theme park plans to reopen on April 15. They have been closed due to repairs and power issues since March 11. The park’s owner, Oriental Land Co., said they will open with limited hours, closing at 6pm rather than the normal 10pm, daily. The shortened hours are to help conserve electricity, which is likely to be an issue in the area for quite some time. April 15 will be the 28th anniversary of when the park first opened.

The entrance fee will remain the same (5,800 yen for a one day adult pass) as before the disaster struck, according to the owner. And a previously scheduled price increase (to 6,200 yen for a one day adult pass) will take place as planned on April 23. The Oriental Land Co. said they will donate 300 yen to a disaster relief fund for every visitor they have until May 14.

The company also owns a second Disney park called DisneySea. It will be opened “as soon as possible” they said, but no firm date was released.