After being together since 2004, singer, actress, and American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have announced through a joint statement on Friday that they will be divorcing. The couple say that is was “a very difficult decisions”.

The decision to divorce has come as shock to most people as the couple had done and interview with Latina magazine on couples. The editorial director Galina Espinoza has been quoted as saying that “On June 15, (Lopez) sounded very much like a women in love”.

Some people close to the couple have announced that Marc Anthony’s temper had sometimes been an issue between the two and that Lopez was also knows to fight back. This cause some tension in their marriage.

Both Anthony and Lopez had been previously married; Marc Anthony has been married three times before while Jennifer Lopez had been married two times previously.

The couple has announced that they will continue to work on the show “Q Viva! The Chosen” which is a show that is on the search for the best, undiscovered Latin American talent. Even though this show, created by Simon Fuller of American Idol, is not yet in the filming stage, it will continue as planned.

However, this video from ITN on Youtube questions the amicability of the divorce: