Jeremy Lin

The New York Knicks decision to not match Houston’s offer for guard Jeremy Lin has ramifications for the team on and off the basketball court.

On the court, the Knicks apparently will count on an aging, if still-effective Jason Kidd and the up-and-down Ray Felton to take over at the point guard position.

Kidd’s judgment could also be called into question for an alleged drunk driving incident near posh Southampton, N.Y. Felton, meanwhile, was out-of-shape to start last season and doesn’t have Lin’s firepower.

Few players share Lin’s marketing firepower, either, as his Knicks t-shirts list at about $25 and his jerseys go for nearly triple-digits.

Now that he’s leaving the Big Apple for Houston, Lin may be a Rocket but his star-power will likely fizzle.

“We’re going to have crazy, crazy prices — like $5,” Mitchell Modell of the famed sports chain said in a telephone interview with Bloomberg.

Lin’s television “brand” in New York had such an impact he was credited with ending a dispute between the team’s broadcast station and one of its carriers.

And when Lin played, people in China would even get up in the early morning hours to watch.

Lin will still have an impact when he lands in Houston, but the sound you will hear will have a little ‘thud’ to it.

photo credit: nikk_la