Johnson & Johnson recently announced a recall of Sudafed, an over the counter decongestant. The recall is for 667,632 tablets in the United States that have a typographical error on the package.

The announcement detailed that they would be recalling 240mg packs of 10 Sudafed 24-Hour Extended Release products. The typo involves the instructions for use on the outer packaging, which incorrectly says “do not not divide, crush, chew, or dissolve the tablet.

The inner blister pack displays the correct dosage instructions. Consumers have no need to take any action other than following the instructions on the inside of the package rather than the outside.

A Sudafed recall was issued in January as well, with insufficient cleaning procedures for the equipment on the production line cited as the reason.

Routine equipment checks were the reason that the cleaning insufficiency was discovered.

There have been many changes at the Johnson & Johnson production plants across the country, and there have been several recalls in effect over the last few months.

Almost $900 million was lost in sales last year alone for Johnson & Johnson.