Payday 2 -

We are now on day 5 of the Xbox Live countdown to 2014 and, as promised, we here at CP … Read more

Xbox Live Major Nelson's Avatar

Major Nelson, the director of programming for Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, has been dishing out some great deals on Xbox … Read more

Ratchet and Clank- BTN - Android Apps on Google Play

After months of teasing, Insomniac Games, the developers of the Ratchet and Clank series, has finally released the long awaited … Read more

Top tech deals & gift ideas at

With the sudden success Microsoft’s “12 Days of Deals” event breathing new life into their once lonely physical retail outlets, … Read more

Dead Rising 3

Today Major Nelson (aka Microsoft’s Larry Hryb) announced the release of a peculiarly ill-timed demo for Deadrising 3 – the game … Read more

While randomly browsing through the comments section in one of our more “I have just launched a new website … Read more

Android Device Manager - Android Apps Review

Years after Apple’s “Find My iPhone” app successfully reunited thousands of loyal fans with their lost/stolen $750 mobile computing devices, … Read more

Gamestop has improved its trade-in program

GameStop, once notorious for their less than generous video game trade-in system, is now offering its customers some amazing used … Read more

Spotify released new app, expands service area.

Spotify, the popular online music streaming application, recently announced plans to introduce their service into 20 new markets within the … Read more

12 Days of Deals at the Microsoft Store

Starting today, Microsoft will be kicking off a two week long shopping fiesta they are calling the Microsoft “12 Days … Read more

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