Comedy Central Now Available On Amazon Instant Video

Comedy Central announced today via Tumblr it’s content is now streaming on Amazon Prime Instant Video. The cable channel is … Read more

In a vote on Thursday, the US Senate rejected an amendment that would allow states to label genetically modified foods. … Read more

The West Wing has announced “The West Wing” complete series as it’s Deal of the Day. The series is going for $79.99, … Read more

Quicksilver From The X-Men Comic

On Thursday “X-men: Days of Future Past” Director Bryan Singer announced on Twitter that Evan Peters will join the film … Read more

Kitchen Nightmares season finale

“Kitchen Nightmares” season finale ended on Friday with Chef Gordon Ramsay quitting Amy’s Baking Company. In 82 episodes of working … Read more

Today Amazon announced the sale of The Mel Brooks Collection for $25.99. The 9-disc Blu-ray set includes Blazing Saddles, Young … Read more

In the Tuesday night comedy death match, “Happy Endings” continually polls with some of the lowest ratings. But I don’t … Read more

You know that terrible feeling you get when a show you love has lost its way? That’s how I feel … Read more

NBC’s hit comedy 30 Rock missed it’s potential in it’s latest installment, titled, “Unwindulax,” In this episode, we discover Jenna (Jane … Read more

Bryan Fuller returns to TV with a much anticipated reboot of “The Munsters” called “MockingBird Lane.” Truth be told, I’ve … Read more

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