Disney and Lucasfilm have had their lips sealed tight over the incoming Star Wars movie, but the slow trickle of information has been rewarding for patient fans.  We’ve known the official cast now for months, and got a glimpse of some awesome footage with the new teaser trailer, but now we finally have some character names to chew on.

Although none of them provide any big giveaways, there is plenty of room for speculation.  Each of the characters is specified on a vintage looking trading card with a brief (sometimes enlightening) description of the scene.  The most interesting thing from all of the cards is not necessarily what is revealed, but what is witheld, with a couple main characters only being referred to by a first name (as you’ll see below).

With barely more than a year to go, and several characters yet to be unveiled (such as the entire original trilogy cast), so this is still little more than a taste, but a taste of Star Wars is almost never a bad thing!


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