There are many acclaimed directors in Hollywood, but few have a resume like Ridley Scott. The director behind films such … Read more

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will premiere in London on November 11, 2013. The highly anticipated sequel to The Hunger Games … Read more

The search continues for the remaining Guardians. Though cast is full of stars, two more characters remain for Guardians of … Read more

Let go back to 2009. Late in the summer, a little movie called District 9 arrived in theaters. This unique looking … Read more

Out this week is the full trailer for Thor:The Dark World. The latest trailer gives us new scenes to gaze upon. … Read more

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Yesterday, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters hit theaters. Wait, don’t movies come out on Friday? That question might be buzzing through … Read more

Kicking off the 2012 holiday season will be the latest film based on a best selling novel: Ender’s Game. The … Read more

With all the things coming out of Walt Disney Pictures, it might be difficult to remember that the Muppets are … Read more

Thor:The Dark World

The Mighty Avenger is the next superhero up to bat from Marvel. Thor: The Dark World will be hitting theaters … Read more

The X-Men have returned to theaters…. well just one. Though Origins was a flop, that did not stop Fox from … Read more

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