Julian Assange, the anti-secrecy vigilante of our times, is in the news again. This time not whistling but rather as an E-book.

Assange is known to many as the person, or more so as a revolutionary wave, that let the cat out of US and several other governments’ bags. Through a group of websites under the WikiLeaks tag, the whistle blower and several other volunteer vigilantes leaked a ton of not-so-public diplomatic cables for the world to see, of course earning themselves nasty and tattered reputations with some US government officials.

The E-book,”Assange Agonistes” peers into the WikiLeaks founder’s world through the eyes of Heather Brooke, a British journalist and author of the full length book; “The Revolution will be Digitised” expected to hit stores in Britain later this month.

The 24,000 worded Assange Agonistes is published by RosettaBooks, a digital content publisher based in the US, and can be downloaded from Amazon.com’s Kindle for $1.99. It is a first person narrative of the persona Heather “assumed” was Assange. It tells of her disillusionment with the whistleblower, who she initially accepted as a “warrior of freedom” but later found him to be “unsettlingly, even bafflingly, unaware of any notion of personal boundaries.”