Kareena Kapoor is prepared to launch a new fitness book. It will be called “Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha” and it is going to appear on January 15th in stores.

The new Kareena book will cover different popular topics that range from what food to eat to menopause and pregnancy.

The person responsible for the new release is Kareena’s personal fitness professional and dietician, Rujuta Divekar. She was the one that actually wrote the book.

“Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha” will include a special audio-book that will have a narration rendered by Kareena and a handwritten note done by the actress.

Kareena always claimed that she believes in having a healthy body at all times in order to achieve a healthy mind. This is a message that she tried to pass to as many people as possible. Through the new book she tries to inspire even more women to lose weight and work on having a fitter body.