Katherine Heigl Stars in Series Premiere of State of Affairs

If you consider yourself a fan of Scandal or Homeland, you’ll probably be instantly drawn to NBC’s new drama, State of Affairs, starring emmy winner Katherine Heigl.

The series is fresh and set to premiere tonight at 10/9 Central on NBC, immediately after The Voice.

Heigl plays CIA analyst Charleston Tucker, lead national security advisor to President Constance Peyton, played by Alfre Woodard.

In the show, Charelston Tucker was engaged to the president’s son, before he was killed in a tragic terrorist attack that sent Tucker into a double life style: of professional affairs mixed with drinking away her difficulties, all while advising her late fiance’s mother, the president, on a daily basis.

In tonight’s series premiere, Heigl’s character is faced with a grueling decision: to save a doctor that has been kidnapped by terrorists, or the opportunity to capture and kill the criminal mastermind responsible for her fiance’s death.

Currently, there has been a lot of buzz about the new show, and those who tune in for tonight’s premiere can expect to witness quite the engaging and entertaining performance from two actresses who seem to effortlessly step into the rules.

Are you planning to tune in for the series premiere?

Do you think the show will bring in decent ratings?

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