The comeback continues for Katie Holmes. She was absent from the big screen for a few years while she dealt with some issues in her personal life, but she’s set to star in a string of features scheduled to come out in the next couple of years, and the latest is The Woman in Gold.

Deadline is reporting that Holmes has been added to the star-studded cast of The Woman in Gold, which is about a woman who sues the government of Switzerland for her artwork that was stolen by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

Highlighting the cast of The Woman in Gold is Helen Miren, who Holmes starred with way back in 1999 in Teaching Mrs. Tingle. Ryan Reynolds and Daniel Bruhl are also set to co-star with Holmes.

The Woman in Gold has no release date yet, but it’s expected to come out sometime in 2015. In the meantime, Holmes has five other projects set to release at some point in 2014, with the most high-profile one being The Giver, in which she plays the mother of the movie’s protagonist, Jonas.

By the time The Woman in Gold comes out, it may be just the icing on the cake of Holmes’ comeback.

Are you excited to see Homes in The Woman in Gold and all of her other upcoming movies?  Let us know below.