Keeping Tabs on Kids’ Web Time with the Kudoso Router

Tech entrepreneur and working dad Rob Irizzary has come up with a clever way to regulate kids’ internet usage by developing the Kudoso Router.

This router allows parents to set goals and chores for kids to do. When tasks are accomplished, minutes for web surfing are unlocked.

The Kudoso system includes an interface wherein parents list  jobs to be accomplished. It could be homework for half an hour, taking a shower, or even cleaning the room for 15 minutes.

As a reward for finished chores, the child can spend time surfing the web on sites that can also be pre-approved by mom and dad.

Parents can even encourage kids to exercise and do physical activities as their task before going online.

Kudoso’s main goals are to motivate youngsters to prioritize tasks and to allow parents to regulate web usage wisely.

Currently, the Kudoso project aims to raise funds through Kickstarter, and Irizzary is looking at collaborating with schools that can apply it in their curriculum and fitness programs.

More information on how the system works and how to order can be found at the Kudoso homepage.

Consumer Expert Anna Brillon

I'm a working mom, have four daughters, a full-time breastfeeder, and love all things science and tech. Aside from managing several businesses for our company, I enjoy researching and writing on interesting stuff.