There has been a lot of speculation going on around the fact that Keith Olbermann was leaving MSNBC. Now it is all official since MSNBC told the world that the contract with Olbermann has been terminated.

Keith Olbermann was the host of the best rated show that the network had to offer. MSNBC offered thanks for his role in the network’s success and said that they wish him well in the future. A spokesman also added that the fact that Comcast bought NBC Universal was not in connection with Keith Olbermann leaving.

Keith Olbermann’s slot will be filled by Lawrence O’Donell from the beginning of Monday.

Some sources have declared for TMZ that the reason why we see Keith Olbermann fired is actually the NBC acquisition by Comcast.

The same sources added that Comcast was not happy with the fact that Olbermann was defiant and that his actions were not something that they wanted. Keith was still on contract and he will end up being paid all of it. That is around seven million dollars per year.

Comcast might decide to not let Keith work with another network for a long time. Even if a deal is struck it is still expected that Olbermann will be away from the TV networks for at least half a year.