Kevin Smith has revealed the poster for his new horror movie, Tusk.

If you are a fan of Kevin Smith, then you are aware that he has ventured into a few different directions in recent years.

Notably the fact that he has created an extensive podcasting network, which banks on the director and writer’s need to talk.

The other change has been Smith’s change of direction from raunchy comedies into disturbing horror movies, which started with 2011’s Red State.

Last year during a podcast that Smith does with his long time friend and co-producer Scott Mosier, the two men joked about an ad in a paper that called for a roommate that was willing to dress up as a walrus on occasion.

Kevin decided that this would be a wonderfully disturbing plot for a movie. He took to his fans on twitter to see what they thought and Smith’s fans decided that it would be entertaining to see a horror film about a man making another man into a walrus, so he wrote the movie. The movie was filmed last October and stars Michael Parks and Justin Long.

Today Smith revealed the poster on his Facebook page.

There is still no release date, but it’s expected sometime this fall. It will likely be a limited release. Smith has however stated that he will show the trailer for the movie in two weeks time, when he does his yearly San Diego Comic Con Q&A.

Anyone else looking forward to another look into the more disturbing side of Kevin Smith?