Kickstarter Update: Mayfair, Eagle-Gryphon, Tasty Minstrel & More

Several major tabletop gaming companies have projects on Kickstarter. Here’s a look at a few of the week’s most interesting projects.

Mayfair Games is launching the deluxe edition of The Cones of Dunshire. The project has a $300,000 goal, and the campaign ends March 15. The game is for two to 12 players, and pledge levels range from $5 to $3,500. Only pledges of $500 and up include a deluxe copy of the game. Even so, the Parks & Recreation-style video is worth a view.

As of Jan. 14, the game was 2 percent funded.

On the opposite end of the price spectrum, Eagle-Gryphon Games is bringing back Krakatoa, a dice game originally published in 1983. The game features three sets of 12-sided dice with colors on each side. Players try to make combinations to score, all in an exploding volcano theme. There are only two pledge levels — $14 for one copy of the game and $45, which adds Eggs and Empires, 12 Days of Christmas, and King’s Kilt. Shipping will be added to all pledges.

The campaign has a goal of $3,000, and it ends Jan. 28. As of Jan. 14, it was 56 percent funded.

Tasty Minstrel Games is bringing a deluxe edition of Orlèans to the United States via Kickstarter. The game, which has already surpassed its $40,000 goal, ends Jan. 29.

Pledge levels range from $45 to $59. The lowest pledge level includes a regular edition of the game, including shipping. Any stretch goals won’t be included. A pledge of $57 adds the deluxe edition and stretch goals, and $59 includes a copy of the game Bottlecap Vikings.

Queen Games has a special release of Dirk Henn’s Wallenstein, including three expansions, depending on the pledge levelThe campaign has raised well over its $10,000 goal, and will end Jan. 25. Wallenstein is a game of area control and resource management.

Pledge levels range from $20 to $450. Higher pledge levels add a choice of more games: Eketorp, Amerigo, Lancaster Big Box, and Kingdom Builder Big Box.

Ape Games has surpassed its $16,000 goal for Phillip DuBarry’s Spirits of the Rice Paddy, an “agricultural simulation.” Pledge levels range from $1 to $90, and the campaign ends Feb. 9.

A $40 pledge includes the game and all stretch goals. The project offers the game Arcadia as an add-on.

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