Kim Kardashian Brings Her Milkshake To The Camel’s Yard

Kim Kardashian Brings Her Milkshake To The Camel’s Yard

Kim Kardashian visited the Kingdoms of Bahrain and Kuwait (and a few camels) to celebrate the opening of her Millions of Milkshakes shop branches there.

The Millions of Milkshakes milkshake bar franchise was first launched in 2008.

Shoppers can choose ice cream, non-fat yogurt, or non-dairy ice cream, for their milkshake, along with a selection of over 50 different toppings.

Camel’s milk itself is reportedly used as a cure for any number of ailments in the Middle East. Kim combined her trip, promoting the opening of the shops with a drink of camel’s milk and a nervous photo shoot with a few of the desert ranging animals.

But Kim’s celebrity didn’t keep others from protesting her milkshake toting visit, even if she did make friendly with the local camels.

Her sex tape derived launch to fame is viewed hostilely by hardline Islamists. Kim was safe from harm though as the protestors were cleared from the area before she arrived to launch the store.

While Kim may have brought her milkshake to the camel’s yard safely, she also brought a bit of controversy along. There’s no word on whether or not this clash of cultures will affect the sales at the stores.

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