Kirstie Alley – A Shadow of Her Former Self!

It’s no secret that Kirstie Alley of “Cheers” and “Three Men and a Baby” just a few of her many show business successes, has struggled with her weight for many years.  She has gone up and down in weight, suffering from yo-yo weight losses and gains.

She was once the spokeswoman for “Jenny Craig” and lost a lot of weight on that program only to have gained it back again.  This experience prompted her to start her own weight loss program for the public and herself called “Organic Liaison” on which she boasts she has lost 100 lbs!

She is now showing off her much smaller body, and the former “Fat Actress” is says she is proud that she’s done it the old fashioned way – diet and exercise.  The National Enquirer reports that she is suffering from Bulimia, a condition that causes purging of food after eating, but she is adamant that she is not Bulimic, nor has she availed herself of any kind of corrective surgery.  Alley is said to be threatening legal action against the Enquirer for their allegations.

The actress, who is 60 years old, recently walked on the runway for Zang Toi at New York’s Fashion week tweeted:

“Thank u for all your SWEET comments… NO surgery, NO flippin lasers, NO barfing, NO starving…Jeez …my products, organic food, dance. end.”

Alley responded to these allegations on her Twitter account, writing:

“Soo… heard that the Enquirer is running with a story that Im bulemic (sic)…lol…JEEZ!!! “sources” JEEZ.. never hurled a meal in my life..JEEZ”  “Bulemmia (sic), is a serious sitiation (sic0 not to be taken lightly.. it can cause death..this accusation is degrading 2 those who from suffer it.”

She also emphasized to her Twitter followers:  “It is important to me that you know I lost ALL my weight in the healthiest possible delicious foods, my Rescue Me & dancing…period.”

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