The first product that comes to mind when people talk about e-readers is usually the Amazon Kindle. But things are changing quickly. Kindle is getting some feisty competition. First came the Nook Touch, and now… the new Kobo eReader.

Kobo eReader Touch Edition is now available in the US and Canada. Interested customers can grab one for them from Wal-Mart, Borders, Best Buy and Indigo. This beautiful device also has an attractive price tag. This touchscreen black and white Pearl E Ink eBook reader will cost $129.99, which is even lower than the new Nook Touch.

The newly available Kobo eReader has a 6 inche display, which should be comfortable for readers. On the other hand it is also thinner and lighter than the e-readers from the other competitors. But this e-reader has one shortage – the onboard memory. The Kobo eReader features only 1GB internal memory. This is may be the sacrifice for being so slim.

Kobo eReader Touch is the first e-reader which will be available in different languages. Right now only the English Kobo eReaders are available, but Spanish, Italian, French and German versions are coming soon.