Korra Finale: Worthy Farewell To The Series

The Legend of Korra comes to a close in “Day of the Colossus” and “The Last Stand”, creating a strong, exciting ending for both the show and the Avatar franchise.

Korra and her allies survive the blast from Kuvira’s spirit death ray. Despite the colossal threat from Kuvira’s mech, the heroes vow to stop her invasion and destruction of Republic City once and for all.

The battle with the mech, though bloated at times, manages to be exciting and featured several characters playing different roles in bringing down Kuvira. There is not a dull moment as the extended cast works its hardest to save the day. Hiroshi’s sacrifice is touching, even if it lacks a better build-up.

The production values are also on-point. The battles are rough, the stakes are high, and the soundtrack is particularly epic.

Despite the climatic showdown with Kuvira, it is great to see that Korra’s character development is not ignored. Her humility is shown as she bonds with Kuvira and convinces her to stand down, rather than use blunt force like she has with her previous adversaries. It also brings some humanity to what almost could have been a one-dimensional villain.

The ending features a reunion from many of the series’s characters as they attend Varrick’s wedding. The happy ending was rewarding after all the drama, and the subtext of Korra and Asami’s final scene will definitely leave fans talking.

As for any weak spots in the finale, the sudden creation of the spirit portal due to the clashing spirit energies feels way too convenient, and ultimately unnecessary for the conclusion. The finale for season three has a far stronger solution that did not require the “Deus Ex Machina”  that this season, along with seasons one and two, resorted to. Also, some of the humor with Prince Wu fell flat and stuck like a sore thumb amidst the final fight.

All in all, this two-part finale brings a satisfying conclusion to The Legend of Korra. While this show has plenty of highs and lows, it manages to finish in a fulfilling manner. This series, and the Avatar franchise as a whole, has left its mark in the shrinking genre of action animation, and it will be missed.

Did the finale live up to the hype? Have we seen the last of the Avatar world?

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