Korra Struggles With Kuvira’s Gambit

Korra and her friends are on a race against time as they try to stop Kuvira and her army from unleashing their super-weapon on Republic City and reclaiming Earth Kingdom territory.

This episode mostly acts as the set-up for the grand finale of the series as Republic City is evacuated and the characters scramble on a plan of action as Kuvira approaches. Their plans go up in smoke when she arrives much earlier than anticipated, transporting the weapon in a massive mech.

The inclusion of the mech alongside the super-weapon pushes the series into more of a science fiction territory. While this series has always shown plenty of technological progress since the Avatar: The Last Airbender days, this really does not fit the 1930’s feel that it started out with, and feels more appropriate for a new series farther in the future.

The cameos of older, minor cameos like Tahno, General Iroh, and Gommu were appreciated. They were callbacks to the past and a subtle reminder that the grand finale of the series is arriving.

Zhu Li’s “apology” to Varrick was disappointing, since she was not wrong in standing up to him, even if that was an act. Meanwhile, Prince Wu’s character growth was definitely welcome.

The cliffhanger was more effective in demonstrating Kuvira’s ruthlessness than in shocking the audience. The heroes might be fine, but Kuvira’s zeal was taken up a few notches. It will be interesting to see if Bataar Jr. will remain as dedicated to Kuvira after she tried to kill them all.

What did you think of this episode? Looking forward to the grand finale?

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