Kym Johnson and Hines Ward danced to victory on Dancing With The Stars last night, bring home the much lusted after Mirror Ball trophy.

But the victory came with much drama. Kym Johnson nearly broke her neck in practice, just a week and a half before the finals. During a move in which she swung under Ward (see video) the team lost their balance and fell, with Johnson landing on the back of her neck with Ward’s weight on top of her. Soon afterwards, she softly cried out, saying she could not feel her arms.

“I was sick,” said her partner, Hines Ward. “We’ve been together for 10 weeks and that Friday was the worst Friday ever, to see your partner carted off and just being in the hospital with her and going over the MRIs.” Kym Johnson was diagnosed with a sprained neck vertebrae. Over the next weekend, Ward continued to practice with pro dancing regular Cheryl Burke as a stand in. Johnson was then cleared by doctors to continue dancing, and while in practice she wore a neck brace, she went without it during performances.

Just days after the fall, in their first dance after the injury, Johnson and Ward received a perfect score, three 10’s, from the judges. They continued on to the finals with high scores and viewer votes, and at the end of last night’s show, were declared the winners of Dancing With The Stars, season 12.

Video of the fall, from ET via YouTube, below: