La Fiesta Food Products has announced a recall of all Dried Shredded Shrimp products.  While not posing a health risk to most individuals, an error on the ingredients labels failed to reveal products from La Fiesta and Mi Pueblo contain sulfites.

Consumers with allergies or sensitivity to sulfites are at risk to allergic reaction if they consume these products (listed below).

A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lab-tested sample of these products revealed the presence of sulfites, prompting the recall.  The product will need labels stating: “Allergen Information: Contains Sulfites.”

The FDA has reported that there are no reported illnesses to date, but they urge consumers allergic to sulfites to return these products to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Dried Shredded Shrimp are sold in the following packages:

UPC Product Oz
La Fiesta Brand  
32327-00150 Shredded Shrimp (Camaron Molido) 1 7/8
32327-00181 Shredded Shrimp 3
32327-00250 Shredded Shrimp (Camaron Molido) 6
32327-00420 Camarón Molido (Shredded Shrimp) 8
Mi Pueblo Brand  
00000-10507 Camaron Molido (Shredded Shrimp) 1 3/4
00000-10509 Camaron Molido 2 1/2
00000-10705 Camaron Molido 6 1/4
01660-07002 Camarón Seco Molido 8