Lady Gaga’s YouTube Account Suspended – Here’s Why

Lady Gaga’s fans were surprised Thursday when they tried to log on to the pop sensations YouTube account and noticed that it was saying the account was cancelled because of “multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s copyright policy.”

Although Google Inc. who owns YouTube did not comment on the suspensions, they do have a three strike policy on copyright infringements and suspend anyone’s account when rules are broken, including Gaga.

The video that is said to have been in violation of copyright terms was a clip that was uploaded to YouTube of one of Gaga’s performance on Fuji TV on “SMAP x SMAP”. Although Lady Gaga was in fact performing in this video she did not have the copyrights to it. Before Gaga’s account suspension, and YouTube getting rid of the video, it had received over 1.6 million views.

However, after a few hours, and more then likely a lot of e-mails from outraged Gaga fans, Ladygagaofficial is back on YouTube. This account is one of two of Lady Gaga’s YouTube accounts; the suspended one being ran by her fans, which she has nicknamed her “Little Monsters”.

Lady Gaga is named by MTV as the “Queen of YouTube” with over a billion views of her videos. Known for her outrageous outfits and often the subject of many controversies, Gaga has proven to be one of the most popular pop stars ever.

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