After years of denying the use of performance enhancing drugs, Lance Armstrong has effectively admitted defeat by refusing to enter into the arbitration process with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.  It has been reported that the USADA will strip Armstrong of all seven of his Tour de France titles and impose a lifetime ban on the cyclist, putting at risk other titles and honors that have been awarded to Armstrong in the past.

Allegations of doping have dogged much of Armstrong’s career, including a two-year federal criminal investigation, that ultimately did not result in charges being filed against the athlete.  Armstrong retired last year and has referred to the USADA investigation as an “unconstitutional witch hunt.”

Armstrong has repeatedly denied the use of illegal substances and in response to his decision to end his battle with the USADA, Armstrong has reportedly said that he will no longer address this issue and will instead focus on working through the Lance Armstrong Foundation, to serve individuals and families touched by cancer, especially those who are in under-served communities.  The Lance Armstrong Foundation has raised nearly 500 million dollars since it’s founding in 1997, and as a survivor of testicular cancer, Armstrong has effectively utilized his celebrity to further his foundation’s goals.  More information on the Lance Armstrong Foundation is available at: