Large iPhone & iPad Screens Being Tested By Apple

Large iPhone & iPad Screens Being Tested By Apple

AppleApple is testing larger iPhone and iPad screens, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal.

WSJ says Apple suppliers have told them the company requested prototypes for smartphone that are larger than four inches, and for tablets the prototypes with a diagonal measurement of around 13 inches.

The iPad currently has a screen of 9.7 inches, the iPad Mini a screen of 7.9 inches, and the iPhone 5 has a 4 inch screen.

It’s not unusual for Apple to test different size screens. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the new screens will be available on the market in the future.

Not surprisingly, Apple has not commented on the story.

Samsung is currently the highest selling smartphone maker on the market. A large part of the reason why is the fact that it offers smartphones of different display sizes.

Helen Chiang, an IDC analyst, was quoted in the WSJ as saying:

“In the long run, we will see touch screens in all sizes as the future vision of the technology industry is to offer the same user experience across all screens. The key is to bring down the cost and introduce compelling applications for large-screen devices.”

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