Eye surgery has just become more affordable for Americans.

There are now many companies across America offering discounts on eye surgery procedures to ensure more Americans can have achieve 20-20 vision.

With the high demand of American’s wishing to rid their life of poor eyesight and the countless sets of prescriptive glasses and contact lenses they have accumulated. Many are turning to eye surgery treatments and there are numerous practices opening across the country to keep up with the demand.

Competition hasn’t been fiercer with many more practices offering eye surgery discounts and specials to attract new customers to them.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology approximately 700,000 American’s undergo LASIK eye surgery annually.

TLC Laser Eye Centres are at the forefront of striving to make LASIK laser eye surgery affordable for every patient. They have arrangements with many health insurance companies which could substantially reduce costs of laser eye surgery. Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Spending Accounts, or Health Reimbursement Arrangements offered through employers or insurance providers may allow people to set aside pre-tax dollars for procedures like LASIK laser eye surgery. Many LASIK providers are also offering financing to cover the cost of laser eye surgery.

Companies like Lasik Vision Institute are currently offering their patients  a “LASIK Savings Event!” with “Better Vision, Better Value.” Lasik Vision Institute advises on their website they are able to offer their patients with considerably discounted pricing compared to other providers because they own their laser equipment “while maintaining a high standard of service from the best quality physicians.”

Providers like Columbus & Perfection Lasers are offering online specials to their patients in a wide range of services to “paper yourself in perfection.” And providers like Travers Lasik Vision Care are offering Americans budget smart plans, with low monthly payments, allowing patients to have their laser eye surgery immediately.

There are numerous companies offering significant online discounts to those who are willing to have laser eye surgery to correct their vision. But like with any surgery patients need to ensure their provider is accredited, has the necessary skills and has a high success rate from previous laser eye surgeries, according to experts.