Laura Mercier Translucent Powder Review

I’ve always found the hunt for translucent powder to be difficult due to the fact that the traditional “translucent” powders are actually white.  Granted, the white is not meant to stay on your face as a color (the key word being meant).  My hunt for the perfect translucent powder had some terrifying results, including my face looking like a ghost in several photographs.

After using my well-loved Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation for so long, I decided to check out Laura Mercier’s line of loose translucent powder.  To my excitement, it was tinted beige!  It’s still a translucent powder, not meant to give any coverage, but simply to set the foundation, but because it isn’t white, it doesn’t leave me looking like a sheet in every single picture.

The powder does a decent job of keeping my skin from remaining oily throughout the day.  However, I don’t have extremely oily skin, so I can’t advocate whether or not it would stand up against an oily skin type.

I find that this powder is best applied with a large powder brush or kabuki.  When using a large powder brush, I’ve noticed that much more of the powder comes off in the air, so you do have to use a little bit more than if you use the denser kabuki.  However, it is completely up to your discretion.  Use a sponge, use your hands, or whatever else.  Live it up.

When it comes to price, I do think that the Laura Mercier translucent powder is overpriced.  Just shy of forty dollars, its definitely a pricier product.  However, in comparison to many other department store products, it’s not a bad deal.

What are your favorite face powders to set your foundation?  Let us know!

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