The ‘League of Legends‘ world championship finals are quickly approaching.

Riot Games is preparing for an E-Sports viewing record with an estimated 50 million planning to tune in on October 19 .

‘League of Legends’ has long been in the center of the E-Sports spotlight as the most played and spectated game in the circuit. In fact, last October over 32 million fans tuned in from around the world to watch SK Telecom T1 decimate Royal Club in the Season 3 finales.

Over the past year, the already massive ‘League of Legends’ fan base has grown tremendously, as can be seen through the hosting stadiums from the current and last Championships. In the 2013 Season 3 finale, Riot rented out the famed Los Angeles Staples center and sold out the 12,000 available seats.

This year, Riot Games is dreaming even bigger; hosting the finals in South Korea at the enormous Sangam Stadium (made famous for holding the 2002 FIFA World Cup). They are planning to sell out all 45,000 available tickets.

Do you think E-Sports and ‘League of Legends’ are growing too quickly?

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