LeBron James managed to have a great game against the Orlando Magic and finished the game with 51 points. This accomplishment marks his first over 50 game for Heat and the 9th one in his entire career.

Coach Erik Spoelstra had an interesting take on the entire topic. He referred to LeBron’s performance by using the term “quiet 51”. He was surprised to see how easy it was for James and the fact that he seemed to never miss.

LeBron James managed to pull in an all time personal record as he made all his first 11 shots before missing the 12th. Also, this just happened as the second quarter was close to an end.

At the end of the game we saw LeBron James having made 17 of his 25 shots and also offering 8 assists.

Spoelstra also added that the entire team worked well and the performance of LeBron James came as the entire team worked perfectly in the offensive part of the game.