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The CEO of LG’s Mobile Communications Company, Dr. Jong-seok Park, has announced the electronics giant’s first smartwatch.

“We are working on the development of wearable device… more specifically in the form of a watch,” Dr. Park told reporters.  “We’re working hard to put on the table something that other companies have not offered yet.”

Developed in partnership with Google, the smartwatch will run on the Android platform.

It will be integrated with Google Now, the intelligent personal assistant that answers user-initiated questions, and also makes recommendations and predicts information that a user will want, based on the users search habits.

The device is set to make its debut in June, 2014 at the annual Google I/O conference in San Francisco.

Although smartwatch sales have not yet been strong, mobile marketing company Juniper Research estimates the market will be worth $19 billion by 2018.

Samsung has entered the smartwatch arena with the Galaxy Gear and recently announced the Gear 2 and Gear Neo.  Other companies reported to be developing entries to the market include HTC and Apple.

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