Think high tech kitchens and laundry rooms, like those found in the cartoon world of the Jetsons. Appliances that work for you, no matter where you are.

According to LG, this will soon be reality with their new service, HomeChat.

LG’s innovative appliances will use the internet and a simple wireless modem, providing you with the ability to have a good chat with your washer, dryer, refrigerator,  and robotic vacuum cleaner.

These appliances are so sophisticated that they can let you know when there is a power outage, or when your laundry cycle is complete.

HomeChat uses a system called ‘Line messaging,’ an application designed to give you the ability to use language with LG Smart appliances.

Simple commands like “I’m going on a business trip” will elicit the corresponding appliance to go into power saving mode.

Imagine asking your refrigerator how many sodas are left, and the machine responding accurately. Or having your washing machine tackle tough stains when your miles away. All of this would be accomplished through smart phones, laptops, tablets, or desktop computers.

LG also announced they will be adding two more features to this lineup;  NFC tagging, which will find recipes that will allow you to use ingredients already in your fridge to make a meal, and Smart diagnoses, designed to keep repair visits to a minimum.

LG’s HomeChat enabled appliances will be available for sale later this year.