LG’s New Fingerprint Reader Sits Under Your Smartphone Screen

LG Innotek has developed a new type of fingerprint reader that fits under the glass of a smartphone screen.

Unlike current fingerprint readers that have a designated button-like area on the front or back of a smartphone, the new reader will be able to seamlessly adapt to a smartphone’s design.

Although the reader is incredibly small, at just 0.3mm (0.01 in), its size does not impede its functionality. According to an LG Innotek press release, the new reader has an error rate of just 0.002 percent, making it just as good or even better than existing smartphone fingerprint readers.

Some advantages of using such a reader would be a slimmer and sleaker design, more screen space, and that making a phone waterproof would be easier to accomplish.

There is no mention of when or where these readers will be used. According to The Korea Times, an LG spokesperson has said that talks are currently underway with other smartphone companies about using this technology within a year. It is also fair to say that LG will be using them for their own smartphones.