Little Bunny’s Bible is a collection of Bible stories set in rhyme by P.J. Lyons and illustrated by Melanie Mitchell. The book, which retails for $15.99 from Zondervan, has a soft, cuddly bunny for its cover.


On each two-page spread of Little Bunny’s Bible, you’ll find a poem of a story and a scripture reference on the left-hand page and a full-page illustration on the right. The stories are usual suspects — creation, Noah’s ark, Daniel in the lions’ den, Jonah and the whale, the birth of Jesus, the parable of the lost lamb, the feeding of the 5,000, and Jesus’ resurrection.

Why you might want to buy Little Bunny’s Bible:

The soft bunny cover is immediately engaging. My 3-year-old is drawn to this book and likes to hold it.

The illustrations are lovely, and it’s especially nice that the people don’t have white skin.

The book covers several stories that are familiar, so if you want to introduce a child to them, this book provides a good overview.

Why you might not want to buy Little Bunny’s Bible:

If you’re expecting a bunny to take your child through the book — or have anything to do with it — you will be disappointed.

Some of the stories in the book — and this is true in most children’s Bibles — aren’t really suitable for children. To make the book age-appropriate, the point of many of the stories is lost. Daniel and the lions’s den is a notable exception.

But Noah’s ark has to gloss over much of the story,  Jonah and the whale can’t really address the point of racism, and Jesus’ resurrection moves through the crucifixion with this line: “Jesus loved with arms out wide/When on the cross he hung and died.”

Because each poem is included on just one page, there aren’t quite enough illustrations to keep my small children engaged. The rhymes occasionally make understanding for little ones tough, as well, using words like “vowed” and inverting the subjects and verbs of sentences to make the poems work.

My conclusions:

I expected a bunny narrator, which I thought might be a charming way to introduce more Bible stories to my kids. They like the pictures and the cover, but they prefer another children’s Bible, one that uses more accessible language and tells more stories about Jesus.

Full disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers. I was not required to give a positive review. These are my honest opinions.