Imagine going to the Super Bowl, the World Series or a Rolling Stones concert without ever leaving your living room.

That dream took one step towards reality with NextStream360, a division of Next3D, announcing the release of its proprietary software. Live, HD and 360 degree makes this “virtual reality” more like “actual reality.”

With Oculus Rift and Sony Morpheus (VR headsets) releasing later this year, NextStream360 will be able to provide live and on-demand content to virtual reality displays via internet, satellite, and mobile networks. They have been testing with broadcasters and major sports organizations such as college football, professional basketball and golf with much success.

“Next3D’s revolutionary technology has the power to truly connect viewers to sporting events as if they are THERE,” said Jerry Steinberg, former SVP, Fox Sports Media Group. “Even better, actually, because viewers can move between different premium locations to ‘virtually attend’ the game.”

“We have engaged major music artists, broadcasters, and world-class film and documentary producers,” added Next3D co-founder D.J. Roller. “We’re producing a pipeline of marquee content with broad appeal, in advance of head-mounted virtual reality displays coming to market later this year.”

Next3D’s patent-pending technology is in a good position to become the standard in 360-degree 3D video capture, compression, and distribution. It provides a three-dimensional entertainment experience that precisely reproduces the scene where the camera is placed. “Simply put, it’s like being there,” explained Cole. “Everything is life-sized and the correct distance away from the viewer.”

Now you will be able to get front row of fifty-yard line tickets to live events for a fraction of the cost it would take to travel, get accommodations, buy tickets and attend the event. There is no word yet on how the virtual hot dogs will taste.

What live event would you attend with this technology? Leave a comment below.