Living Social has the hottest deal of the day online, and the more than half a million buyers in mere hours are proof positive that it is working.

The website is offering a $20 Amazon gift card to its users for only $10.  The site is a competitor to the well known internet coupon site Groupon. Both sites offer one day only special deals at half (or more) off of the regular price. Living Social relies on its users to spread word of its deal through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The plan is working as news of the Amazon deal is going viral on Facebook and has led to over 560,000 purchases as of last count. This is with well over 9 hours left of the deal.

Customers are scrambling to get their gift card before the offer expires which has been made more difficult by the influx of people to the site. It has been experiencing some slow downs as  traffic overflows.

The only other problem customers are having is that they are limited to only one gift card each.