Looper Review: A New Twist To Time Travel Revealed

Looper Review: A New Twist To Time Travel Revealed

Time travel has been used a lot in films, but now the overused concept has an opportunity to be refreshing again.

Enter the new sc-fi action film, “Looper”, written and directed by Rian Johnson.

When the first trailer was released, the movie looked to be just another action film.  However as time went by, “Looper” looked to be something that could be more than what it seemed. So is “Looper” something to talk about… or is this just another action film?

The film takes place in a futuristic world where crime syndicates use time travel to take care of anyone who needs to be disposed of; so assassins known as Loopers are hired to kill these future victims.

The story of the film revolves around Joe, played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, who lives his life dealing the futuristic affairs of the mob. That is until he has to get rid of his older self, played by Bruce Willis, who is not going down without a fight.

For a sci-fi action film, the plot behind “Looper” is more complex than some may think. The concept of time travel takes a really unique turn in this film as we see how it affects the two Joes; and it is refreshing to see.

The only issue with the plot is that sometimes it can be too complex.  Each plot point has a purpose of being in the story, but there is a lot to take in from this movie. At times it can seem a little overwhelming. But though it may seem distracting,  it still a plot that you can follow and keeps you interested throughout the entire runtime.

It is always interesting to see how different actors play the same character. “Looper” does a great job at comparing and contrasting the characters of Joe.

In this case, Joseph Gordon Levitt does a terrific job in his performance as he mirrors Bruce Willis to near perfection.

Then there is Bruce Willis, in yet another action film. However, his role of elder Joe has to be one of his best performances in quite some time.  The supporting cast, on the other hand does have flaws. There’s a good performance from Emily Blunt, but Jeff Daniels underplays his character.

By seeing the trailers, you can tell this movie has some very creative imagery to it. Though it could be considered distracting, the cinematography behind the film is actually quite subtle and it fits right in the movie.

Though the movie does have creative shots, it does not forget that it is an action film. The action to “Looper” is exciting, action lovers will be satisfied.

Looper” is a different kind of movie. The only issue I had with the film is that it can be too complex at times. However, in my opinion, “Looper” is worth a watch for anyone looking for something a little different in the sci-fi genre.

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